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    2. TEL: 400-807-6757
      Contact us
      TEL: 400-807-6757
      E-MAIL: service@cnchumen.com
      Talent recruitment

          work experience: one year      job type: full-time      education required: College       number: 5
      salary negotiable
      job description:
      familiar with Java, J2EE specifications, master Struts,Spring,Hibernate
      familiar with the mainstream framework such as WEB/J2EE server
      of a college education. minimum 1 years experience in Java development, practical Java Web sites. software project development experience
      mysql,SqlServer large database, good
      good HTML,Js writing complex SQL statements, Ajax.jquery and basic div+CSS.
      proficient in Windows, Linux and Unix JAVA program design and development
      basic requirements:
      1. Requires strong teamwork and communication skills, focus on cooperation;
      2. Professionalism, able to work under pressure;
      3. Physical and mental health, without addictions;
      4. Good interpersonal, strong communication skills, a good understanding of project requirements;
      5. Highly motivated, willing to learn, have good problem-solving skills.

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